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Official Release : MINI USA “The Inner Drive Campaign”

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Official Release : MINI USA “The Inner Drive Campaign”

Postby MiniMpi » Mon Feb 24, 2020 6:46 pm


Official Release: MINIUSA Brings Its Heritage To Life With “The Inner Drive Campaign”
MINI USA today launched its latest marketing campaign, “The Inner Drive”, which tells the story of how the first Mini was introduced to the world in a new interactive way.

Over sixty years ago, Englishman Alec Issigonis presented a new idea to the world – the Mini, a small, space-efficient, fuel efficient car that forever changed the automotive world. What started as an innovative idea on paper ultimately made the world rethink what it means to drive, while celebrating the power of small things.

Paying homage to the heritage of the MINI brand in the US, the campaign uses a tactile combination of illustration, light, and shadow, all captured in live action. Together the elements tell the story of how the first Mini came to be.

Created in collaboration with advertising agency 360i, Italian artist Virgilio Villoresi and illustrator Virginia Mori, “The Inner Drive” centers around a 70 second film that unfolds within a handmade storybook.

The carefully crafted short tells the story of Alec’s creative journey from the moment he came up with his ground-breaking idea, through the manufacturing process and the presentation of the first car to a throng of reporters. Using a dream-like approach, the campaign beautifully showcases how persistence and belief in oneself can result in revolutionary ideas.

“The MINI brand has always embraced a creative spirit through forward-thinking ideas since the inception of the first car in 1959,” said Steve Ambeau, Head of Marketing and Brand Communications for MINI USA. “The Inner Drive campaign allows people to connect with the inspiration and drive required to bring revolutionary ideas to life. Through the brilliance of a small, well-crafted story, this campaign celebrates the infectious spirit of MINI – a car built for everyone who loves to drive.”

“The Inner Drive” was designed and shot over several days in Milan, Italy. Various versions of the film, along with hand-illustrated posters featuring quotes from Mini creator Alec Issigonis, will be showcased across social and online properties, as well as in cinema.

This is just one of many upcoming bold new steps to redefine the brand’s platform “For the Drive.” The platform has been developed for the US market and focuses on two core elements of the MINI brand – “Fun to Drive”, and “Passion.”


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