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Strange Noise 2003 Cooper

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Strange Noise 2003 Cooper

Postby alanbeck » Sun Jun 19, 2016 5:26 pm

Hoping someone here with a bit more car knowledge then myself might be able to help me out!

I have been driving the girlfriends Mini Cooper, 2003, 1.6 petrol for the last few days and I've noticed it is making a strange noise, specifically when turning to the left at low speed.

Its a hard noise to describe, maybe squealing/grinding would be the best description. This only happens when turning to the left!

The car is also throwing on the tyre pressure and abs fault lights together, I'm wondering if this could be connected to it!
The thing is, when the warning lights are on, the noise goes away! Is there some part of the system disabled when those lights come on?

The noise sounds to be coming from the engine bay, rather then down at the wheels, so I dont think its a CV joint or bearing but maybe a pump of some sort??

I checked the power steering fluid level to rule that out and its fine, anybody have an idea what it could be?
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Re: Strange Noise 2003 Cooper

Postby irlmin » Sun Jun 19, 2016 7:29 pm

My 1st thought would be a front wheel bearing problem however if it disappears sometimes that is unlikely , the ABS and TPM lights receive their information from wheel sensors which in turn 'read ' from the back of the wheel bearing . have you checked the brake disc dust 'shields' these have a habit of breaking their mounts and causing a serious and worrying rattle . does the noise vary with gear changes ? is it present with the clutch depressed ? are there any similar noises when the car is in neutral and idling ? sorry to be so vague but its difficult to be specific from a 'distance' . feel free to call Me Tomorrow and I may be able to help with some more specific info .
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Re: Strange Noise 2003 Cooper

Postby alanbeck » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:08 pm

Hi Irlmin,

Thanks very much for the reply! No, I havn't had a chance to actually look at any part of the car yet due to the poor weather.
The noise doesn't vary with gear exactly, but it is only present at low speeds, taking off at a junction in 1st or turning in 2nd but anything above that it isn't there!
I don't know if it is present with the clutch pressed, but next time I drive the car and it happens I will press the clutch and see what happens! The clutch was only changed on the car about 1000 miles ago!
There are no noises when idling, I can turn the steering wheel full deflection in both directions and everything is good!
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