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Cheap upgrades

All your technical, mechanical, electrical, exterior, interior, I.C.E. and even baby seat questions go in here. We've a lot of Mini gurus on the forum who'll be glad to help out with whatever technical probllems your Mini is having, or if you'd like to upgrade/modify yours we'll try to help too.

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Cheap upgrades

Postby Daniel S » Mon Jan 09, 2017 1:39 pm


Are there any cheap brake/disc combinations from larger cars which would suit the Mini R53? What are the common upgrades, other than JCW ones.

Is it possible to run two stock intercoolers in parallel as an alternative to an airtec. I'm assuming the additional lag you'd get with this setup on a turbo wouldn't apply to a supercharger.

If this is a reasonable thing to do, would a 17% or 19% pulley be okay?



EDITED: Changed the OP as I've a few other questions.
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Re: Brake upgrade

Postby MiniMpi » Mon Jan 09, 2017 11:39 pm

Front calipers and carriers from an R56 Cooper S.
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Re: Cheap upgrades

Postby irlmin » Wed Jan 11, 2017 8:11 pm

As Fergal said 1st stop is R56S discs and calipers, after that the R56 Works Brembo 4 pots with 316 mm discs . as regards intercoolers and Airtec etc my advice is keep it simple and if you need an intercooler just fit a GP intercooler or indeed a GRS one . I have outlined the best spec previously for a road and odd track day car and I have found that the simple tried and tested methods are the best , again its 15% pulley , Modified airbox with K+N filter , GP or GRS intercooler , Janspeed exhaust manifold , 'Works' rear exhaust system ,( possibly JCW injectors ) decent remap to suit above . We have spent many hours removing supposed performance equipment from customers cars which inevitably after costing major money did not work as expected and all were happy with the above spec when fitted . there are a few forums dedicated to MINI mods which are populated by what I would consider dangerous ill informed individuals offering advice that will if implemented will result in holed pistons and wrecked engines and a very depleted bank balance , it all sounds great on paper but what use is a car with no torque and a rush of power at the top end ? the best mods are the ones that give a wide spread of power / torque from low down . also of course you have to get the power down on the road as well and that with decent brakes / suspension is where you will see most improvement in lap times --not unusable power .AND DO NOT use 17% or 19% pulleys whatever you read on Forums !!!!! it does NOT work .just 1 other thing DO NOT remove the cat this course of action is usually one of the 1st mods recommended by the 'lunatic ' fringe !! best option here is a 'sport' cat .
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