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If you've just signed up, say hello here!

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Re: If you've just signed up, say hello here!

Postby Vincent1606 » Fri Nov 17, 2017 5:47 pm

I have just signed up and wanted to say hi, My name is Vinny and i just bought a 2008 Mini cooper 1.6 petrol.
The car was serviced recently and has its full service history....this brings me to my question. Can anybody recommend a garage in south Dublin, north Wicklow area to get a good service done as the last owner got it serviced in Advance Pitstop :( and i really want to get another service as soon as i can. Also are the number plate surrounds still available ?Thanks
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Re: If you've just signed up, say hello here!

Postby irlmin » Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:36 am

Hi Vincent and welcome to the site , I can't recommend anyone in Dublin unfortunately but you are correct in having a decent service carried out on your MINI . oil changes are really important and forget MINIs service schedule as if you adhere to that I am afraid the life expectancy of your engine will be short . We recommend oil and filter change mileage of 7000km , make sure one of the top brand 05 30 full synthetic oil is used with an OE or OE spec oil filter . I would also change gearbox oil at every 25000km as contrary to what MINI recommend its NOT for life and will lead to premature failure if not changed . again carry out a brake fluid change if its not been done yet and this will make sure ABS unit stays working as it should . Change coolant and keep an eye out for coolant loss and if you find any loss of coolant deal with it before it causes issues , the R56 engine is not very forgiving when overheated , as I said I can't help with Dublin advice but what I can tell you is that we have lots of Dublin based customers that pop down to the 'Peoples republic' of Cork for MINI servicing and repairs . I am sure Fergal will be along soon with details of Number plate surround availability , any questions you may have re your MINI please feel free to ask here or give me a shout .
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