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Postby GHOST » Sat Jan 09, 2016 4:02 pm

sO,,, TH FIRST POST OF 2016,,,YEA!!!!
And I'm here to say,,, "Dont Do iT!!! :banghead:
I better add here that i'm almost a month without my MINI now,, and i'm getting th shakes,,,lol.
Oh,,, cant get an '02-'04 R50 gearbox (transmission).
Cant get my local mechanic to remove my gearbox so i can see if th casing is intact,,,
(should b done by next Thursday,,,i hope)
Th plan now is to bring it to Ger to get it rebuilt. (update: just found out the bell housing is cracked/damaged so no rebuild).
I even asked Ger if he would buy my car,,, (it was a moment of despair).
Anyway,,, i bought her Dec 30, 2015,,for 2,000 Euro and a Fiat Punto from a dealer th other side of Killarney.
Quite early on i noticed it was sometimes tricky to get her into reverse,,,,(didnt think anything of it ;) )
And she felt a bit boaty (swaying in th corners) until i got my new wheels off Ger (250???, with my old pepperpot wheels), so much better (turns out th old wheels had wrong tires),,,got an (oil filter, a large wrench for th oil filter cap, a paper air filter, 4 new brake pads, a set of axle stands, a telescopic wheel-nut wrench, 140 euro).
Then came NCT time,, failed on front bushels,, 400 Euro to replace,,,, but she sure felt nice on th road after that, so th old ones made th front end a bit bouncy and were obviously on the way out!!!
Then i put a K+N air filter in (70 euro?),, and 4 cheap Xenon bulbs (20 euro),, and i joined AA (168 euro), and NOW I need a new gearbox,(1,000 euro???),, and I'm at my wits end!!! :mad:
And wat did i do last night???? i bought a MSD ignition coil (multi spark discharge) (92 euro) :thumbup: , i think it sparks more at th moment of ignition so as to burn th petrol faster/with more intensity , and i think i plan to get her remapped as soon as i can, ? ,,(u would never think it, but i'm financially poor,,,as in,, unemployed, so i probably shouldn't even own a mini or be in a club!!) :1icon_blackeye:
The thing is,,,i really really like my MINI. I even like washing her,, and how she looks afterwards,,,(i would normally wash my car about twice a year,,lol,,but i may hav washed my mini once a month in th summer) :1icon_cool:
and i like some of th photos i take with my MINI in them, and then there is th two "MINI" poems I've written, and my two "MINI" oil paintings I like so much I over priced them so I could keep them for myself, lol (still for sale at th right price,, :banghead: ??), and obviously i like th way she drives, not as much fun as my first ('82) mini, that was skin of th teeth stuff, and she was my first car,,,but it's close.
And worst/best of all,,, i like the fact that i smile when i catch a glimpse of her parked in town,, or even just in my own driveway, it's like,,, "yea,, my car!"!!! :) (took a few years saving to buy her)
And although I'm not great with people, (ever since one of my best friends from way back in my school days hanged himself in my livingroom in a flat we shared in London, and left me to find him and cut him down, ever since I've had difficulty trusting people, making friends, having a relationship, or even just holding a job.) :crybaby2: ,, but i do like th sense of community involved with driving a mini. :color:
So there U hav it,,, Dont get a MINI,,,U WILL ONLY END UP LIKING IT TOO MUCH!!! lol
...Oh, and they say "absence makes th heart grow fonder",,perhaps it's true,,,as i found my MiNI's name,,, (my first mini was 998cc called Nzo,,th reg was NZO 720,,and it was kinda red, so like Enzo Ferrari, only "she".lol ),,,,and it turns out my new MINI is not only 10 times th car my old mini was,, but i bought her for 200 quid,, so she's 10 times th price too!!! (like cash price, not including the fiat punto)
so................. :) "TNZO" :)
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Postby GHOST » Mon Feb 26, 2018 3:15 am

...wow,, it's two years later,,(so soon),, lol,, and TNZO has yet again got gearbox issues.
She's driving great,, but making a tick, tick, ticking sound,, i read a description regarding a "Lollipop Stick" sound. And it seems that th Diff. is on it's way out.
Saying that, I've been driving her (kinda gentle) for the last 2-3 months and she's running fine otherwise.
ANYWAY,,, she's now parked in my driveway.
I decided I wanted to buy an R50 facelift model. So, i went to my local Credit Union and took out a loan. A couple of days later my loan was approved, but the car I was thinking of buying turned out to b unsatisfactory!!
BUT,,, there was another car available, instead of being '05 it was '06, and it was "High Spec"!!!
I knew I didn't have the funds, but I asked anyway,,,"How much???" ?
And sure enough,,, it was TOO Much!!! :1icon_silent:
But was it really Too Much???,, that was the question that would not leave me alone for the next few days!
I went on Done Deal to look at all the cars I could get for the same price or cheaper,, but I couldn't find any I wanted.
OK, there might have been 1 or 2 but the hatchback (for my 2 dogs) and cc (for insurance + tax) make MINI a logical choice for me. But wait,,, it's much worse than that,, I simply didn't like the look/design of the other cars!
So I took another trip to my Credit Union, and asked for double the first amount. The woman behind the counter crunched the numbers, and yes, it was at the very top of my threshold but not impossible.
A day later my loan was approved.
And yes, the car was still for sale.
So I drove over to have a look,, and took her for a quick test drive.
I don't think I was overly impressed but in saying that I did agree to buy the car there and then.

So,, it needed a spring for a door and the half leather Sport Seat needed something small, and I agreed to return a couple of days later.
Anyway, I got the call, so I got my money, and then got a bus, :1icon_pale: ,, which incidentally started to make alarm sounds as we crossed the river Lee, and we had to pull in at Lissarda while the driver got out to have a look, then he had to make a phone call, all the time the alarm was sounding and it continued to sound until I got off the bus at Bishopstown.
I do remember how seeing her again I thought she looked really fantastic. And so I drove her home.
And I still wasn't overly impressed ? But I went over Combe and the road was under construction, so I was dealing with far too much,, or it was too fresh or something, but I got her home and YES I was happy,, but then later,,.....
I went for a drive from Kenmare to Tuosist, which is a beautiful little stretch of road, and one I know quite well as the little village of Tuosist was the first place I lived when I moved (cycled) to Kerry 10 years ago.
Back then I drove an '85 Nissan Micra Car/Van, I bought in Killarney, up and down that road, as well as cycling it and even walking it, so I know it very well, and so I took JET out for the spin,, and suddenly I realized just how good a car she is!!!
She's GREAT!!! :1icon_cool: (except for th "check engine" that light came on after about 10minutes on th way home after leaving Ballincollig, I had to pull in off the road because I almost puked!!,, and then I noticed th heater only blows COLD AIR!!,, and now i find she's drinking coolant!!!)
She's so understated looking you would never expect the response you get! Everything about her is just smoother! And that's not just my opinion,, my dogs also love how she feels on the road! (except for once when we were just about 200 yards from home and on a bend i take almost everyday, suddenly the back of her kicked out. I'm guessing it's a problem with the rear anti roll system, but right now I just don't have the heart to look, but it sure makes a loud noise if i go over a bump which makes me think it's just a worn bush that didn't show up on th NCT that th car just passed th same day I picked her up) I had plans to swap over my wheels, my stereo and a couple of other bits from my other MINI, but th bottom fell outa my world when that dam check engine light came on. I drove straight back to th garage and it turned out to just be an O2 sensor but I haven't been able to get beyond my initial disappointment.
I had a friend ask me last week, "why another MINI?", and I told him about how you can feel every bump or change in road surface, and that wonderful "go-kart" feel, and she takes a great photo,, lol,, and the way your just, so connected to the car, it's not just a drive, it's an EXPERIENCE!!! And then I told him,,, "and that's just going to the shops!!!"

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