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R56 MCS won't shut down !!

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R56 MCS won't shut down !!

Postby Laserblau » Wed Dec 11, 2019 2:15 pm

New to the site and mini, so hello first of all.

So Shortly after buying the car (08 r56 MCS) I noticed the car not shutting off directly with the start push button without at least pressing both the clutch and brake and the it would shut down.

The stop/start function does not work so I presumed it was a hangover from this as the stop/ start malfunction warning would pop up.

The problem seemed to get worse and would not shut off even with the clutch and brake pressed , but eventually the button would shut off the engine. The warning triangle with an exclamation mark shows up with the fault "cc-id-206" which is "engine will start on next push of button" everytime I press the button to shut off the engine.

I disconnected the battery to see if it might reset an issue with the ECU or perhaps some sort of sensor, and this seemed to work for a week, but now it seems not to to want to shut off at all.

So I hope to get it checked shortly but I can't seem to find anything similar online about it, any help would be great .
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Re: R56 MCS won't shut down !!

Postby irlmin » Sat Dec 14, 2019 6:45 pm

Hi Just saw this , have you tried a spare key ? is the result the same ? have you looked into why stop start is not working ? possible pressure switch fault on brake servo . anyway not a very common problem to have no starting issue but just a stop issue ,a decent diagnostic session should find the issue . G
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Re: R56 MCS won't shut down !!

Postby Laserblau » Mon Jan 06, 2020 12:52 pm

Thanks for your reply,

Situation at the minute is that I've been starting the car with clutch and brake pressed which does not throw up the warning triangle and will shut down more often than not with the same process, otherwise its a slip of the clutch to turn it off, I've had my mechanic do a quick diagnostic check and it has returned a ' 10% response warning' from the clutch sensor. This would be the most likely reason for the stop/start not working.

Is it a straight swap for a new sensor or does it come with the slave cylinder

Thanks and happy new year !
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