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2005 cooper 1.6 petrol sluggish

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2005 cooper 1.6 petrol sluggish

Postby niallsdexta » Thu Apr 26, 2018 9:42 am

Hi All,

I am new here so thank you for having me.

We have bought our first mini, my wife has wanted one for along time now and we finally bit the bullet and got our hands on a nice looking little 1.6 copper 2005.

i have noticed on it that it is very sluggish, at first i thought it was just me not used to driving a petrol, but i think now i have a problem and i would like your thoughts please.

if you try to accelerate quickly the car can be very sluggish to respond, it will respond but it is stuttering to get going.
I have given the car an almost full service in the fact that i have given all new fluids, plugs(expensive) and oil, the old oil was very dirty really needed a change for along time i would think.
i know there is a fuel filter under the back seat, do you think this could be a problem, but my parts guy told me you cannot but these filters and that i would need to go to BMW direct for this part, however you should never need to change over the life of the car.

any other suggestions as to what may be my issue or checks i can perform please feel free.

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Re: 2005 cooper 1.6 petrol sluggish

Postby irlmin » Thu Apr 26, 2018 6:51 pm

Hi and welcome to the site , 1st question is have you had a diagnostic check done ? are there any lights on the dash ie EML light? ,any misfire or poor idle ? R50 MINI Cooper would have 115 bhp and is not a sluggish car normally but you do need to rev it a bit to get the best out of it , I would recommend a diagnostic check and make sure all the basics are checked before you spend more money on parts you may not need .
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Re: 2005 cooper 1.6 petrol sluggish

Postby niallsdexta » Fri Apr 27, 2018 10:32 am

Hi irlmin, thanks for the reply. id did have a "have a go" mate with one of them e-bay diagnostic computers connect to the car last night.
He is normally very good at this sort of thing and has helped in the past.

He told me that a fault showed up for "cylinder 1 oxygen sensor", does this make sense to you?
He wiped the fault and we took the car for a spin, no noticeable difference to the drive, but when we checked the fault did not reappear, he said to drive for a week or so and we can check it out again to see if faults come back.

not sure what to do next.

and to answer earlier question, no lights on dash.
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