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A Christmas Card from MINI AG to all of us

The wonderful people at MINI AG in Germany went to a serious amount of trouble and effort to help us out for MINI United.   With their guideance, we managed to secure a place at the club arena at MINI United for our club – no small feat, as there were only 20 stands being allocated for the entire world,  and we ended up with one. The team responsible there are Helen and Thomas, and just to show you the type of people they are, they sent us a Christmas Card in the post wishing the club the very best for Christmas and the New Year,  so we just had to scan it in for everyone to see! … Read entire article »

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So it’s Christmas. We all get presents, shouldn’t your car too? Well, at the MCOI, we’re launching our first in a range of car accessories so you can pamper the real special person in your life – your car. Our first product that we’re launching is our numberplate surrounds, which will look good on any car as they’re black, with white lettering. … Read entire article »

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Finished Events : Hospital kids run to Santa in Fota House

This is an annual event, and this year, we were delighted to help again with the Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club run to see Santa in his Kingdom at Fota House.   Our team of MINIs volunteered for 2 full days, to wait outside the Hospitals and Associations of Cork to collect some brave kids who’ve had a tough time this year, and ferry them in our Minis, with a full Police Escort to see Santa. Big thanks again this year to Dennis from the CCHCC, and to Sarah for organising the event.  We look forward to helping out again next year! … Read entire article »

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