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So it’s Christmas. We all get presents, shouldn’t your car too? Well, at the MCOI, we’re launching our first in a range of car accessories so you can pamper the real special person in your life – your car. Our first product that we’re launching is our numberplate surrounds, which will look good on any car as they’re black, with white lettering.

Do you still have the Dealer numberplate surrounds on your car? If so … why? They’re not paying you to advertise their name on your car, so put a replacement there that means something to you. We’re selling a PAIR of these for €12.50, which is less than you’d pay for some plain surrounds in a Motor Factors, so they represent excellent value.

There are only 50 pairs, 14 of which have already been snapped up by club members, so if you want some of the remaining 36, text our club hotline on 087 664 MINI, or eMail, so don’t delay, get your MINI or Mini a little treat for the coming year, and show your true club colours.

Go here in our forum to find out how to get yours! numberplate surrounds now available numberplate surrounds now available

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2 Responses to " numberplate surrounds now available"

  1. Does it matter if you’ve no surround on the front numberplate? I’ve two of these wonderful pieces ordered! Siobhan

  2. Owen says:

    Nope, even if you don’t have a surround on the front numberplate, you can simply put a surround on. Or leave it off, your choice.

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