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Featured Member – Mark ‘Sparkie’ Coleman

We asked for someone to be our first ‘Featured Member’, and Sparkie, one of our most active Forum members rose to the challenge. Click the ‘Read More’ link below to see the answers Mark gave to our list of all important questions, and of course, to see more of Mark, and his superb Classic!

Name :

Mark Coleman
From :

Ballinhassig, Co. Cork
Age :

Occupation :

3rd year Student of Instrumentation in CIT, with plenty of part time work!
Current Car :

’91 Rover Mini Mayfair

First Car :

This one!
Favourite thing about your car?

Love the car as a whole, it’s my first, and I’ve wanted one for years. Toss up between my Radio, and the Bonnet Stripes (White Cooper Sig on Black Stripes), which you don’t see that often.
Insurance costing?

€1200 Fully Comp for the year, out on my own for the first time. I figured for the sake of an extra 20 Euro per month, it was worth going Fully Comp.
Dream Mini?

Obviously a HP would be smashing, but I think a 02-04 Grey Cooper S, mmmm!
Best things about being a Mini driver?

It’s nice that there are clubs like this one set up to cater for people with common interests. Pity on all ye Punto drivers out there, the looks you get from people when you’re driving a Mini puts a smile on my face.
Do you wave to other Minis?

Hehe, funny question, I actually do. If I spot a classic, I’ll give it a hoot and a wave!

Advice to others?

As I’m still new to the game, I can’t offer too much advice, on Minis anyway, but I suppose to someone starting out, ask plenty of questions about things, pop the bonnet at the weekend and get your hands dirty, check how things work, it’s the only way you’ll learn.
Worst Mini moment?

Haha, the radio has always been acting up on me, but this one night I was in Bishopstown with all the lads in the car. I stopped at the traffic lights to turn up the volume, but in turn this conked the car (Due to dodgy grounding I found afterwards), not to mind that, but both me, and the 3 cars behind me managed to miss the signal change of the lights. I spent the next 2 weeks trying to convince the lads that Minis are actually a great car – the radio has since been replaced!
Best Mini moment?

To be honest, I haven’t had anything spectacular happen yet. I think the best thing I’ve done with it is actually buying it. Maybe interview me in a year, I should have some good stories.
Any plans for your Mini?

I will be fitting new speakers under the back seats next week, and have plans for a centre console, where I will place the radio, 2 air vents, and a digital clock. Spot lights for the front are on the cards aswell. I’m thinking of taking it to France, or Scotland for 2 weeks sometime soon.

Mark Coleman and his Mini

Mark Coleman and his Mini

Mark Colemans Mini - an artistic shot

Mark Coleman's Mini - an artistic shot

Mark and his Mini again

Mark and his Mini again

Another artistic shot of Marks Mini

Another artistic shot of Mark's Mini

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